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Foods to Fight Colds and Flu

This flu season prepare your family nourishing foods to fight colds and flu.

Have you ever wondered why chicken soup is one of the oldest home remedies for curing the common cold? The chicken or vegetable stock in the soup is rich in nutrients, and contains an amino acid known for thinning mucus in the lungs. Adding ingredients like garlic and onions to all chicken recipes can help to boost immunity. Celery in the soup stock is said to help promote sleep the body needs to heal.

Get more cold fighting power by adding honey and lemon to a cup of tea. The juice from a freshly squeezed lemon provides the vitamin C recommended for treating colds. Honey not only sweetens tea, but can also help to soothe a cough. Add a tablespoon of freshly grated root ginger to settle an upset stomach or calm a persistent cough.

Horseradish and other spicy foods may help to ease congestion by opening a stuffed up nose. Some people also believe that adding garlic in food works as a decongestant. Crushed garlic releases allicin, a compound known to have some medicinal benefits. Allicin acts as natural antibiotic, fighting off viruses and bacteria.

Article submitted by The BEST Recipes Network

Ed MacDonald
Ottawa, Canada

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