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  What Can Soy Do for You?

As far as health food goes, soy has one of the best reputations around and increasingly more Americans opt for it because of its apparent health benefits. Soy has long been touted as a miracle food, a cancer fighter and a heart protector a safer alternative to using hormones during menopause.
  A Sweeter World is Not Necessarily a Better One

Within the past three generations, the world's diet shifted from one that had emphasized nutrition to one that more dearly values economy and convenience. In particular, both food and drink have become markedly sweeter and this has given rise to caloric sweeteners and eventually artificial sweeteners.
  Brown Rice Provides Benefits For Life

While white rice is eaten in nearly every culture around the world, brown rice can be part of the foundation for a healthy diet. Brown rice is a 100% whole grain food and it contains a nutrient-dense bran and inner germ layer where the majority of the fiber, vitamins B6 and E, selenium and bioactive compounds are found, which white rice simply does not have.
  How To Give Your Plate a Makeover

In the United States, our eyes have gotten bigger than our stomachs. In the 1980's, a typical cheeseburger had 330 calories; today, it's 590. The French fries you ordered on the side used to be a 2.4-ounce handful totaling 210 calories; today the standard order is a heaping 6.9 ounces, packing 610 calories.
  Food Combining for Better Digestion

Food combining was introduced to the United States nearly 100 years ago and focuses not on the quantity and type of food that is consumed but the timing of the food's consumption. It is based on the fact that each type of food requires different lengths of time, different enzymes and different pH balances - a measure of acid / alkaline balance - for proper digestion.
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