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Food and Wine Dictionary

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 chanterelle    [shan-tuh-REHL]

A trumpet-shaped wild mushroom with a color that ranges from bright yellow to orange. The chanterelle (known in France as girolle ) mushroom has a delicate, nutty (sometimes fruity) flavor and a somewhat chewy texture. Chanterelles are usually imported from Europe and can be found dried or canned in many large supermarkets. Although they're not widely cultivated, chanterelles are found growing in parts of the Pacific Northwest and along the East Coast. They are occasionally found fresh in some markets during summer and winter months. Choose those that are plump and spongy; avoid ones with broken or shriveled caps. Chanterelles can be cooked as a separate side dish or as an addition to other foods. Because they tend to toughen when overcooked, it's best to add them to the dish toward the end of the cooking time. See also  MUSHROOM.

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