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Food and Wine Dictionary

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 Greco    [GREH-koh]

1. White-wine grape grown in southwestern Italy's CAMPANIA and CALABRIA regions. Greco's origins are certainly Greek, although there are numerous theories as to how this ancient variety was introduced into Italy. If cultivated and VINIFIED carefully, Greco is capable of producing high-quality wines with rich, fruity flavors, as well as hints of smoke and toasted nuts. This variety is best known for the GRECO DI TUFO dry wines and the sweet wines of GRECO DI BIANCO. Greco also plays a principal role in the wines from CIRÒ and FIANO DI AVELLINO. This variety goes by other names-most beginning with Greco-including Greco delle Torre, Greco di Tufo, and Greco del Vesuvio. 2. A name used for the variety ALBANA, which is totally unrelated to the true Greco.

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