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Food and Wine Dictionary

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 tarragon    [TEHR-uh-gon, TEHR-uh-guhn]

Narrow, pointed, dark green leaves distinguish this perennial aromatic herb known for itsdistinctive aniselike flavor. Tarragon is widely used in classic French cookingfor a variety of dishes including chicken, fish and vegetables, as well as manysauces, the best known being BÉARNAISE. It's also an integralingredient in various herbal combinations such as FINES HERBES. Tarragon is available fresh inthe summer and early fall and year-round in dried and powdered forms. Care shouldbe taken when using tarragon since its assertiveness can easily dominate otherflavors. Tarragon vinegar is a popular item in gourmet markets. Seealso  HERBS; HERB AND SPICE CHART; A FIELD GUIDE TO HERBS.

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