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 thyme    [TIME]

There are several varieties of this mint-family member, a perennial herb native to southern Europe and theMediterranean. Garden thyme, the most often used variety, is a bush withgray-green leaves giving off a pungent minty, light-lemon aroma. Subvarietiesinclude the narrow-leafed French thyme  and broad-leafed Englishthyme . The most well-known subvariety of wild thyme — athick ground cover — is lemon thyme , an herb with a morepronounced lemon aroma than garden thyme. Whatever the variety, thyme is widelyused in cooking to add flavor to vegetables, meat, poultry and fish dishes, soupsand cream sauces. It's a basic herb of French cuisine and integral to BOUQUET GARNI. Fresh thyme isavailable in some specialty produce shops and supermarkets during the summermonths. Dried thyme — both leaf and powder form — is availableyear-round. As with all herbs, thyme should be stored in a cool, dark place forno more than 6 months. See also  HERBS; HERB AND SPICE CHART; A FIELD GUIDE TO HERBS.

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