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n.  A staple since prehistoric times, bread is made from flour, water (or other liquid) and usually a LEAVENER. It can be baked (in an oven or, as with pancakes, on a griddle), fried or steamed. Yeast is the leavener in yeast bread, which requires KNEADING to stretch the flour's GLUTEN. A yeast batter bread uses strenuous beating instead of kneading to the same end. Quick breads are so called because they require no kneading and use baking soda, baking powder or eggs to leaven the bread. As the name implies, unleavened bread (such as MATZO) uses no leavening and therefore is quite flat. Grains, seeds, nuts and fruit are often added to bread for flavor and texture. See also  ANADAMA; BABKA; BAGUETTE; BARM BRACK; BÂTARDE; BATON; BISCUIT; BLACK BREAD; BOSTON BROWN; BOULE; BREAD CRUMBS; BREAD SAUCE; BRIOCHE; BRUSCHETTA; CHALLAH; CHAPATI; CORNBREAD; CORNELL; CORN PONE; CROSTINI; CRUMPET; FICELLE; FLAT BREAD; FOCACCIA; FRENCH BREAD; FRY BREAD; GARLIC BREAD; GINGERBREAD; HARDTACK; HUSHPUPPY; IRISH SODA BREAD; ITALIAN BREAD; JOHNNYCAKE; KHACHAPURI; LAHVOSH; LIMPA BREAD; MANDELBROT; MONKEY BREAD; MUFFIN; NAAN; PANCAKE; PANETTONE; PANKO; PAPPADAM; PARATHA; PETIT PAIN; PITA; POORI; POPOVER; PUEBLO BREAD; PUMPERNICKEL; ROTI; SALLY LUNN; SALT-RISING BREAD; SCONE; SODA BREAD; SOURDOUGH; SPOON BREAD; STEAMED BREAD; STOLLEN; TORTILLA; WAFFLE; ZWIEBACK. bread v.  To coat food with bread, cracker or other crumbs, usually by dipping it first into a liquid (beaten eggs, milk, beer, etc.), then into the crumbs, which may be seasoned with various herbs. The breaded food is then fried or baked. Breading helps retain a food's moisture and forms a crisp crust after cooking.

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