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 1.   Acapulco Sunrise beverages mhh
  ng recipe. Starting with A: * Exported from MasterCook Mac *    
 2.   Apple Spiced Iced Tea beverages thechilidog
  Time :0:00 Categories : Beverages Amount Measure Ingredient -- Preparation Method -------- ----------   
 3.   Batidos beverages butterflydog
  ite or brown sugar if sweeter taste desired Place some ice cubes in blender with cut up fresh fruit of choice. Use hi   
 4.   Breakfast Shake beverages KCODY63
  ood and very good for you!!!! Colleen Nolan, Univ. of Virginia    
 5.   Chai-tini beverages butterflydog
  Splash of half and half Grated dark chocolate Sprig of fresh mint Add spirits and half and half to ice filled shaker,    
 6.   Cherry Slurpee® beverages dave comment(s) available
  y removed it (right after I bought the ingredients but also before I thought to print it out). Anyway, thanks to all th   
 7.   Classic Bubble Tea beverages wiccadwoman comment(s) available
  d, cooked bubble tea pearls 1 C. crushed ice 1 C. very strong chilled black tea 1 C. homogenized milk, or to taste H   
 8.   Cuban Mojito beverages
  soda There are countless recipes for the Mojito (prounced moh-HEE-toh), but this version is for the one Hemingway    
 9.   El Toro Loco beverages butterflydog
  a glass and garnish top of drink with an orange slice twisted and 2 maraschino cherries Yield: 1 serving   
 10.   Fat Frog beverages butterflydog
  Britain and British holiday destinations, a fruity combination of European malt type beverages Get 2 pint glasses.    
 11.   Frozen Espresso Mocha beverages mlh4
  e mix 2 cups (750 g) ice cubes In a measuring cup, combine the cream and sugar and stir until the sugar is dissolved.    
 12.   Frozen Tiramisu beverages dave
  p by combining hot espresso with granulated sugar. 2. When espresso syrup is cool, make drink by combining 1/2 ounce of   
 13.   Green Pastures beverages Silkia comment(s) available
  k 1/2 c Bourbon 1/4 c Light rum 3 t Brandy Ground nutmeg Stir ice cream to soften. Mix remaining ingredients.    
 14.   Horse's Neck beverages dave
  ger ale Carve the peel of a lemon so that it is one long, unbroken spiral. Arrange it in a highball glass so that one    
 15.   Instant Daredevils beverages rbrokaw
  e Juice (from Mexican Limes only) Shake the Tequila, Damiana, and Lime Juice with Ice. Dip the rim of a chilled c   
 16.   Key Lime Martini beverages butterflydog
  hilled cocktail glass with lime and a mixture of 2 Tbs crushed graham crackers and 1 Tbs sugar ( place on a flat plate   
 17.   Lemoncello Lemonade beverages dave comment(s) available
  e (Minute Maid or Countrytyme) 1 to 2 cups ice 1. Make lemon syrup by combining hot or boiling water, sugar and lemo   
 18.   Limonada beverages LeiG
  Ice combine all ingredinets in large pitcher. Chill for several hours. Stir occasionally to dissolve sugar. Add ic   
 19.   Love on the Rocks beverages
  Cocktail ice cubes for shaking and serving 1 ounce Absolut vanilla vodka 1/2 ounce Parfait Amour liqueur 1/2 ounce cr   
 20.   Maidenhead beverages U4294

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