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 1.   Oliebollen appetizers dave Oliebollencomment(s) available Oliebollen, or Vetbollen 1 cup lukewarm water or milk 1/4 cup sugar 1 teaspoon salt 2 teaspoons acti   
 2.   Oliebollen 2 appetizers connys comment(s) available
  liebollen. :) Take care Conny (Dutchess) Exported from MasterCook II * Oliebollen R   
 3.   Low-Fat Golden Apple Oatmeal beans-grains sigatress
  cup each apple juice and water 1/3 cup quickM-^Vcooking rolled oats, uncooked 1/8 tsp. salt (optional) Combine apples,    
 4.   Apple Spiced Iced Tea beverages thechilidog
  Time :0:00 Categories : Beverages Amount Measure Ingredient -- Preparation Method -------- ----------   
 5.   Hot Apple Punch beverages lmoschet
  ombine all ingredients in a large saucepan; bring to a boil over medium heat, stirring frequently. Cover, reduce heat,    
 6.   Indian Summer beverages wiccadwoman
 7.   Hot Apple Rum Cider beverages lmoschet
  cut honey 3 (3-ince) sticks cinnamon 1 1/2 teaspoons whole cloves 1 teaspoon coriander seeds 1 whole nutmeg 1 1/2 cups    
 8.   Wassail Bowl beverages dave
  s 1 t mace 3 sticks cinnamon 1/2 t salt 10 spiced crabapples Combine tea, cider, lemon juice, brown sugar, spices   
 9.   Spiked Apple Pie 2 beverages butterflydog
  or. Spritz and cover with whipped cream. Sprinkle on crushed almonds. Add a cinnamon stick if desired. Serve warm or co   
 10.   Sangria beverages butterflydog
  cherry juice with cut up cherries 1 large lemon thin sliced 1 lime thin sliced 1/4 cup fresh orange juice 1 cinnamon st   
 11.   Kudzu Apple Cider beverages dave comment(s) available
  kudzu powder 6 1/4 cups apple cider, divided 4 (3-inch) sticks cinnamon 12 whole cloves 1 teaspoon grated orange ri   
 12.   Spiked Apple Pie beverages butterflydog
  ore of butterscotch liquor. Spritz and cover with whipped cream, grate on some nutmeg and add a cinnamon stick. Makes    
 13.   Chocolate Applesauce Bread breads anita
  or Christmas Serving Size : 8 Preparation Time :0:20 Categories : Holiday/Gift Ideas Amount Measure Ing   
 14.   Whole Wheat Apple Bread breads SandyKlaws
  Bread Machine Freezer Friendly Posted Yeast Breads Amoun   
 15.   Apple Sour Cream Coffee Cake cakes butterflydog
  sugar 3 tsp cinnamon 3 eggs 1/2 cup sour cream This recipe featured in my local paper comes from The Culinary Institut   
 16.   Low Fat Apple Cider Doughnuts With Maple Syrup Glaze candy-snacks alan
  week. These recipes are from way back up to June 13 this year and are in both Mastercook and Mealmaster formats. To do   
 17.   Candied Apples candy-snacks KCODY63 Candied Applescomment(s) available
  ecipe By : Serving Size : 1 Preparation Time :0:00 Categories : Halloween Holidays    
 18.   Semolina With Apples And Caramel dessert alan
  ean hotel chain. All recipes are available in both Mastercook4 and Mealmaster formats. To download go to - http://u   
 19.   Apple Lasagna dessert johanssen comment(s) available
  1 Egg; lightly beaten 1/4 c Sugar 1 ts Almond extract 2 20 oz. cans apple pie filling 8   
 20.   Sour Cream Apple Puff dessert butterflydog Sour Cream Apple Puff
  rated 1 tsp vanilla flavor 1/2 cup sour cream 1/4 cup sugar powdered sugar- grated nutmeg for dusting An easy but fanc   

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