Icelandic Shrimp Salad
by johanssen

Title: Icelandic Shrimp Salad
Categories: Seafood, Salads, Ethnic, Iceland, March95
Yield: 2 servings

100 g Grapes, red
100 g Grapes, green
200 g Tomatoes; minced
200 g Shrimp; cooked, cleaned
4 T Mayonnaise
4 T Yogurt
x Lemon; to taste
x Salt & pepper; to taste

Mix 100 grams blue and green grapes, 200 grams minced
tomatoes and 200 grams shrimp. Make a dressing of 4
tbsp mayonnaise, 4 tbsp yogurt, lemon, salt and pepper
to taste, and mix the ingredients. SOURCE: retrieved
from the Compuserve Food Lib. by M Mearns PHTW49A

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