Vegetarian Fish Ball

Here's another good vegetarian dish that I normally make
when having a vegetarian meal.

Vegetarian Fish Ball

1 packet firm beancurd (taufoo) or 500gm
1 egg
gluten flour
a small bunch of finely minced coriander leaves
seasoning to taste - (I use Vegeta all the time)
oil for deep frying

Mashed the beancurd, add in the beaten egg, seasoning and
minced coriander leaves. Mix well and slowly add the
gluten flour until the mixture forms a soft dough.
(Note: the more gluten flour you add, the more springly the
mock fish ball will be).

Now divide into small portion equivalent to size of a
fishball and shape it into rounds. Heat oil and fry the
ball until golden brown. Serve with your favourite sauce
or eat as it is. My favourite sauce with the balls are
sweet and sour sauce, or satay sauce.


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