Gevulde Koeken - Dutch Stuffed Cookie
by m.haverkamp

from Netherlands

300 gram all-purpose flour
200 g butter
150 g sugar
200 g 'amandelspijs' (recipe below)
1 egg
about 10 almonds (one for every cookie)

For the 'amandelspijs':
125 gram whole almonds (without skin)
125 g sugar
1 egg
skin of 1 lemon (without white part)

Amandelspijs: grind the almonds, mix with the sugar, egg and lemon skin. Make it as fine as possible, and as quick as possible (if you do it too long, the taste gets worse). Mix it very good and keep it in one or more very good closed jars. You can keep it for 4-6 weeks, that is very good for the taste, but you have to keep the jars very tightly closed, so air can't come in.

The gevulde koeken:
Mix butter, flour and sugar quickly together to get a dough. Roll it out until it's about 1/3 centimeter thick, on a surface with a little flour on it (against sticking). Use the ring to cut the cookies out of that layer of dough. Put 50% of those cookies on a greased cookie sheet. Put a spoonful of the amandelspijs on every cookie on that surface. Make the edges of the cookies a little wet and cover them with the other 50% of the cookie-circles. Push the edges very tightly together. Beat the egg and use a brush to to put it on the surface of the cookies. Bake them in an oven (160=B0C or 325F) for about 25 minutes, until they are golden brown.

It was very hard to translate a recipe, but I hope you'll understand it!

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