Pastillas de Leche
by philpot

This recipe does not require any cooking.

2 cups powdered milk
1 can (300mL) condensed milk
white sugar for rolling
cellophane paper for wrapping

Gradually sift powdered milk in condensed milk. Mix and blend evenly, using spoon, then, knead with hand.

Set aside for 5-10 minutes before shaping into small balls. Roll on sugar. Wrap in cellophane paper.

Pastillas de Nangka:
Add to basic recipe ½ cup fresh, finely chopped nangka.

Mocca Pastillas:
Dissolve 1 tbsp. Instant coffee and 2 tbsp. Unsweetened cocoa, in ¼ cup boiling water. To the basic recipe, increase powdered milk by ¼ cup.

Pinipig Pastillas:
Using the basic recipe, roll the pastilles balls on toasted pinipig (coat well), pressing a little to the ball. Then, roll on sugar.

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