Farmer's Breakfast
by backyard30

from Indonesia, West Java

Farmer's Breakfast
... by cremenougat
(just sent this very same one yesterday 1st Jan, when another part of the world still was 31st Dec, and so here I am sending another one today 2nd Jan, where a part of this world is still on the 1st Jan 2008, Happy New Year again)

Basic ingred:
1lb of potatoes
2 stripes/pieces of bacons
½ cup of corn oil
3 eggs
½ cup of milk
a pinch of salt and a bit of pepper, and a tiny pinch of cinnamon
1 spring onions (makes about 2tbl spoon of chopped spring onions)
1 tiny branch of fresh basil if available (makes 2tbl spoon of fresh chopped up basil)
2oz of butter
a tomato or two
a few leaves of (what's available) lettuce

Basic putting it all together:
Put the ½ cup of corn oil in a pan that will then fit 2lb of potatoes.
Heat the pan and fry the chopped up potatoes until they are almost cooked and put in the chopped up bacon.
Meanwhile, as the potatoes and bacon are cooking in the pan, the 3 eggs are beaten and ½ cup of milk plus salt & pepper, and cinnamon have all been blended into the mixture bowl.
Then drain the corn oil out of the pan, leaving just enough to keep sizzling but doesn't flood the pan so to speak, then pour the egg mixture into the pan, and while still stirring, put the chopped up spring onion and basil. Stop the stirring and leave the pan to set the fried potato cake. Then put the butter in, let it melt in and turn the stove off.
Get a serving plate to tip the whole pan over.
It can be halved for 2 or cut into 3 depending on the appetite.
Serve or garnished with sliced tomatoes and lettuce. (Breakfast could begin with a glass of fresh orange juice before this main meal, then finish with fresh brewed coffee)

Have a great Sunday Breakfast! And Happy New Year 2008

PS, did you know that cinnamon can somehow cure cancer? I just looked it up.

Yes, i like it when i have extra information from anyone, like one way back a few years ago, one of the simpleinternet recipe i received was with extra info, it was about Rice-Wine that was not to be mistaken with Sake. Thank you for that, even if i didn't make it to get back and gave a comment.

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