Bibim Naeng Myun
by amanda

from US

Korean cold noodle recipe courtesy

Serves 2

2 serving of soba (buckwheat noodles)
1/4 cucumber, julienned
1 hard boiled egg
2 Tbsp Korean chili paste (gochujang)
2 Tbsp soy sauce
2 Tbsp sesame oil
1 Tbsp of honey
1 Tbsp lightly toasted sesame seeds
1 Tbsp water
1 apple or Asian pear, cut into thin slices

Now this recipe is very easy to prepare. All you really need to cook is the soba. Just boil the soba until its the way you like, then rinse in cold water. You want the soba to be very cold, so if you want to toss it in the fridge after you rinse, you can do that while you prep the sauce.

Grab a mixing bowl and combine your wet ingredients with half of the sesame seeds. Use a whisk and mix well until all the flavors intermingle and get to know each other. Don't overdo the sweet at this point, since the fruit will bring that to party when you assemble. Now all you need to do is add the cold soba to the mixing bowl and mix thoroughly with the sauce. When the soba and sauce is mixed, put your servings into nice bowls and top with the cucumber, fruit slices and a half hard boiled egg. Sprinkle a few sesame seeds on top and you're done!

Traditionally, Bibim Naeng Myun is served in a stainless steel or silver bowl to keep the contents cold. Ice cubes are sometimes added for the extra chill. I thought that this dish was cold enough so I didn't really need to add ice. The heartiness of the soba is enough to make this into a nice lunch. It's easy to make and pack for work as well as elegant to serve as a starter for a nice dinner with friends. You can watch the video for this recipe at

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