Chinese Egg Rolls
by rcoen

from Tipperary, Ireland

One head green cabbage
1/4 cup soy sauce
1/2 cup chopped scallions
3 ounces carrots nibs. Iím sure that you are familiar with these. They come prepackaged in a little bag.
1/2 pound shiitake mushrooms
1 tablespoon chopped garlic
1 tablespoon chopped ginger
1 tablespoon sesame oil
One package of egg roll skins. They normally run about 24 ounces.

First we are going to take the shiitake mushrooms caps only. Take three of them at a time. Stack them up and were going to julienne them. Cut them up right apart into strips. That is julienne.

Next weíre going to julienne this cabbage first thing you want to do is cut in half right down the middle. Now different cabbages come in different sizes. You can find a green cabbage thatís half the size or twice the size. Basically we are going to julienne enough of this to get 2 quarts or 8 cups. So what Iím doing now is removing this center piece. It doesnít cut up very well. Cut it in half again and then cut it into little slices. Julianne them this size into little strips. And I will keep going until I have 2 quarts.

And for the carrots, what you want to do is take them and quarter them. What you want to do is cut them in half. Now itís in two pieces and what Iím going to do is spin it around and cut it again. So now I have four pieces. We will go through all of these and quarter them up.

Sautť the Mushrooms and Vegetables
So, in a large sautť pan over medium-high heat, Iím going to add in the sesame oil. Itís just starting to smoke a little bit, adding the ginger and add in the garlic. Gonna stir this around a little bit until it browns. Okay, itís just starting to brown.

Next thing that we want to do is to add in the shiitake mushrooms. This will cool down the pan a little bit and keep the ginger and garlic from burning. And also you want to just cook the mushrooms. And then, were going to flatten it out. Let these just sit here and brown. It should take about a minute. Okay, so they browned.

Iím going to add in the carrots. Sprinkle those right around. The cabbage, this cabbage is going to steam up nicely with the carrots. Soy sauce, add that right in and that will get the steaming process started.

Cover this right up and let that go for about two minutes. If you donít have a sautť pan with a cover you can even use a pot. Something like this as long as it has a cover to hold in the moisture to help your vegetables steam. So about two minutes later weíre going to open this up and flip it around a little bit. Itís getting a lot softer. Iím going to let it go for one more minute being careful not to over cook it.

One minute later, removing it from the heat. Going to put it on a nice clean cookie sheet. Sprinkle scallions overtop, mix them in. it should take about 10 minutes to cool down until itís able to be rolled into the egg rolls.

Forming the Egg Rolls
Hereís one of the egg roll skins. We are going to roll our first egg roll. Take a little bit of water and wet your fingers with that. All the way around the edges of the egg roll we are going to wet it. Now we are going to take one cup of the mix and dropped it right into the middle. Going to put it all in the metal like a log. Pack it tight.

Take one edge, fold it in and over. Second edge, fold it in and over. Now thereís back piece, pull it in. Making sure we keep everything tight. We want to keep it sealed up. Because if you donít oil will get inside and you will have an oily egg roll. You see Iím pulling it tight? Just roll it forward. Donít apply too much pressure or you will break the egg roll. And there is your first egg roll. With the amount of mix you have you should be able to get seven or eight of these.

Fry the Egg Rolls
Set up one pot for deep frying with canola oil. You can also use corn oil or vegetable oil. Bring your oil up to 350į for frying. The oil is at 350į, Iím just going to drop this in. Cooking no more than three at a time. Iím going to use this spider to hold them down under the oil so they cook evenly. They are going to cook about two minutes or until they are golden brown all around. When they are nice and golden brown all around I will take them out of the oil and let them cool down just a little bit over a wire rack. And here are your finished vegetable egg rolls.

There is already soy sauce in them so I recommend serving them with a little bit of hot sauce.

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