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Simply Saffron
Simply Saffron   Saffron is an autumn-flowering perennial plant unknown in the wild. Its aroma is often described as reminiscent of metallic honey with grassy or hay-like notes, while its taste has also been noted as hay-like and sweet. Saffron is widely used in Indian, Persian, European, Arab, and Turkish cuisines.

Recipes Containing Saffron

Stand-ins for Starbucks®
Stand-ins for Starbucks®   Now that Starbucks® has reached its saturation point and is starting to close some of its stores, you might appreciate a few substitutions for your daily fix. Some recipes are yummy coffee concoctions while others are truly creative coffee-inclusive entrées!

Fancy and Filling Beverages
Creative Food Recipes Featuring Coffee

An Edible Weapon Forged from Protein, Fiber and Vitamin A?
An Edible Weapon Forged from Protein, Fiber and Vitamin A?   It may be nearly impossible to hurt someone with a spear of asparagus, even when frozen, but your body could use this nutrient-dense food for its self defense. When you're done checking out the recipes with asparagus, here is an article all about it!

A Pointy Road to Antioxidants

12 Days of Pudding
12 Days of Pudding   Enjoy our diverse dollection of twelve seasonal puddings. A new recipe will be revealed each day until all twelve have been shared.

Puddings from Around the World

Feature Ingredient: Honey
Feature Ingredient: Honey   Honey has been cultivated for thousands of years and has many culinary implications today. Because of its history and the fact that it's universally available in some form, a diverse set of recipes and traditions has emerged.

Honey as a Key Ingredient

Thai Food is a Favorite of Many
Thai Food is a Favorite of Many   Because of its geographical location, Thai culture and cuisine has been greatly influenced by China, India and other neighbors. While Thailand is the only Southeast Asian country never to have been colonized by a European power, it boasts of some of Europe's great culinary traditions and fine ingredients.

Thai Recipes: Refined and Exotic

Feature Ingredient: Sweet Potato
Feature Ingredient: Sweet Potato   Sweet potato is one of the most nutritively-dense foods on the planet. All of the recipes in this set either feature sweet potato as a key ingredient or can easily be adapted to include sweet potato.

Feature Ingredient: Sweet Potato

Feature Ingredient: Apple
Feature Ingredient: Apple   Individual ingredients sometimes are sometimes indicative of the season and in some parts of the world, apples are synonymous with early autumn. Featured here are some distinctive recipes which feature apples as a key ingredient.

Feature Ingredient: Apple

Easter and Passover Recipes: Diverse and Creative
Easter and Passover Recipes: Diverse and Creative   Since this site started in 1995, many have shared their holiday traditions through their recipes. These Easter and Passover recipes range from traditional Greek Easter Bread, Po de Mel and variations of Matzoh Ball recipes to more modern and creative treats like Cadbury's Creme Egg and Banana Passover Sponge Cake.

Diverse Easter Recipes: some traditional, some fun
Creative Passover Recipes: welcoming the variety

Pancake Season
Pancake Season   Pancake Day is celebrated around the world typically at the beginning of the Lent season. Many, however, celebrate pancakes long after Shrove Tuesday has past. This theme section has many varieties of pancakes and other breads from around the world and it's not just for breakfast anymore!

It's not just for breakfast anymore

Indian Collection
Indian Collection   Indian food is some of the most delicate in the world yet it often requires simple techniques. While some ingredients may be difficult to find, substitutions can sometimes be made which are described in many of these simple recipes.

Exotic and flavorful yet simple recipes

Countdown to Cinco
Countdown to Cinco   Cinco de Mayo is coming up quickly and we're welcoming the day with diverse Mexican recipes and meal solutions!

Cinco de Mayo

Ideas for St. Patricks Day
Ideas for St. Patricks Day   Irish food really isn't just corned beef and cabbage — especially not on St. Patrick's Day. See our list of ideas of what to make for the holiday; you might just be surprised!

Main Courses and More

Christmas Around the World
Christmas Around the World   Just like so much else, Christmas is celebrated differently around the world. Songs, traditions and what to eat are just a few of the variations that exist, but in spite of these differences, family, sharing, and great food remain a common entity regardless of the language one may speak.

Christmas Recipes Around the World

Sweet and Scary Snacks for Halloween
Sweet and Scary Snacks for Halloween   Enjoy this grab bag with enough candy recipes to soothe any sweet tooth. These are perfect snacks for any Halloween party and candy is always a little bit better when you've made it yourself.

Halloween Candy Recipes

Italian Favorites
Italian Favorites   Experience some of the seasonal bounty that only Italian recipes can provide! From Sicilian Pizza Dough to Caponata to Putitza, authors from around the globe have contributed a wide variety of delicious selections for you to enjoy.

Starters, Main Courses, Drinks and Desserts

Valentine's Day Eats and Sweets
Valentine's Day Eats and Sweets   Over 200 recipes have been assembled and categorized for the sole purpose of giving you ideas for what to make on Valentine's Day! There's something for everyone so check out the latest Valentine's Day recipes.

Appetizers and Side Dishes
Main Courses (Meat)
Main Courses (Seafood)
Main Courses (Vegetable)
Snacks and Desserts

Options for the Off-season
Options for the Off-season   When summer berries and varieties of fresh vegetables are not as much of an option, here are some wonderful meals you can enjoy when the weather is cooler — plus a few more for good measure.

Wonderful Winter Collection

Make-ahead Party Recipes
Make-ahead Party Recipes   When you would rather spend more time with your guests than in the kitchen, these recipes are great to make for dinner parties!

Make-ahead Party Recipes

Thanksgiving Leftover Ideas
Thanksgiving Leftover Ideas   Now that Thanksgiving is over you may be in search of new ways to use the food that you have left over. This theme section contains creative new ways to use up your left over food.

Post-thanksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving Accompaniments
Thanksgiving Accompaniments   Turkey is definitely part of the American Thanksgiving meal but what about sides, desserts, and drinks? Check out some new ways of preparing a traditional meal!

Side Dishes
Sauces, Relishes and Condiments
Drinks (hard and soft)
Desserts and Snacks

Vegan Alternatives to Your Favorite Meals
Vegan Alternatives to Your Favorite Meals   Some of the most intricate and delicious recipes rely on vegetables and / or grains to give substance to the dish. Try some of these widely-varied vegan recipes from all over the world!

Vegan Varieties

Low-fat Recipes
Low-fat Recipes   Just because you want to cut back on fat and calories, it doesn't mean what you eat can't be delicious! Try some of these low-fat recipes and you'll be satisfied and guilt-free.

15% or Fewer Calories from Fat

Summer Drinks
Summer Drinks   Browse through our collection of refreshing summer drinks and you will be pleased with the creativity of the recipes from our members!

Drink Recipes

Grilling Tips and Recipes
Grilling Tips and Recipes   While the weather is warm, grilling and barbecue are at their finest. Click here for a helpful matrix on types of meat/seafood/vegetables, grilling methods, and seasonings, as well as a wide variety of recipes!

Quick Grilling Guide
Meat, Game and Fowl

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